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Urban Intervention - L'Intruse

Today the urban environment is turning into an massive battlefield where groups and subculture communicate their desire of expression, critique and beauty against the rules of the establish system and the public order.


At the onset of the 20th century sixteen cities had a million inhabitants. At the middle of the 21st, 70% of the world population will be living in urban areas (UN ev.). 


Cities are becoming the most important living area of human life, but it turns out that cities are mostly branded anonymous spaces. It explains our interest to revisited this spaces as a labatory for playfull experiments.

L'intruse - 2013

​​Aluminiun tube bended,

patinated colored resin,

aluminium lock.



Guerrilla chair for urban intervention.
'L'intruse' is a chair made out of aluminum

and resin, plug-able on any pool in the street.
It design allows the chair to turn around streets

pools as a merry-go-round .


“There is no form or objects.

There is only events - emergences - apparitions”


"Il n'y a ni formes ni objets.

Il n'y que des événements - des surgissements - des apparitions."


André Masson


This installation was meant to raise the question of private and public property in public space, it took place on Church street in london. The Installation conscited into the restitution of two similair chairs, to the street they were found.



Pedestrians had a real interraction with the installation, they would stop in front of it, scratch their head, stair at the chairs, rest  on it, used them as shelter when it rained. The "illegal" installation lasted 2 weeks before been removed.

“What changes our way of seeing the street is more important that what changes our way of seeing painting” G. Debord.

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