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Les Méandres

concrete, resine, wood, peint


Limited edition


Cofee table - handcrafted

top made of concrete & tainted resin

Feets made with different part of chair


The following pieces of furniture are handcrafted,

they all are limited edition. The finish, depending

from the piece, can slightly change as example

'Lucienne' is made out of chairs feats which

implisse that the color may vary from one to the

next, the design doesnt. This assures you to

have a unique piece of furniture each time.


Criss Cross Table

​​Steel, glass, LEDs


Edition of series of 7, 3 ap


Diner table with glass top.

The structure goes trought

the glass top, holding it still

while creating a cross

shape lighting up.

Cafe table with a sctructure

made out of 20 chairs legs,

glass top 120 x 74cm.

Lucienne alias lulu
coffee table 

​​Wood, glass, steel

45x140x70cm - 2014

Edition of 5, 2 ap


side table 


wood, plexiglass - 2014


unique piece


Mini lu - (commission)
coffee table

chair feets, glass, steel

45x80x50cm - 2014

Unique (commission)

3 legs 

side table


wood, polyster crystal clear resin, peint, steel - 2015


limited editon



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